THE LIFEQUEST URBAN OUTREACH CENTER: This purpose and performance driven ministry site seeks to "bundle", and utilize a plethora of existing entities to endeavor in impactful community-based ministry.

  • THE Parade of Prayer

    The Parade of Prayer is a prayer initiative composed of a group of Christian men, diverse in race, denomination, education, age, and socio-economic status that gather each Wednesday morning at a different urban school in core of Grand Rapids to pray for Our Children.

  • Brother 2 Brother

    Each week approximately 100 men gather each Thursday at 9:00 a.m. until 10:15 a.m. at the LIFEQUEST Urban Outreach Center for life-changing mediations delivered from a team of some of the most dynamic Pastors in West Michigan.

  • Lifequest
  • Parade of Prayer
  • Brother2Brother

Welcome to Lifequest Ministries

We are a ministry that promotes:

prayerKeeping the main thing, the main thing by constantly advocating that men "seek ye the kingdom of heaven first,and his righteousness" and all these things shall be added unto them, these things being: spiritual maturity, natural health, financial abundance, and a nurturing family life.

We are a compassionate, Bible-based, ministry, not a hub for programs and giveaways, that advocates life-change based on a total performance ministry approach (mind,body, and soul) that reaches out to all people, of all races, gender, and socio economic status. Many of those that are connected to LIFEQUEST are "unchurched" or disconnected from the faith community. Many have fallen between the cracks are outside, or disconnected, from the immediate reach of the various programs throughout Kent County.

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Brother 2 Brother

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A Powerful Men's worship setting on Thursday mornings at 9



NightQuest originally launched in 1998 as the flagship outreach program for LIFEQUEST.

Hour of Empowerment


Topics such as sexual sin, marriage, fatherhood, vision, purpose, community development, and spiritual warfare are discussed weekly.